Tuesday, 11 September 2012

PCCare247 Keeps Up with Its Success Trail by Becoming a Certified AVG Gold Reseller

PCCare247 offers its clients the much needed security and protection from malware with AVG brand of antivirus, becoming AVG Gold Reseller.

September 11, 2012: PCCare247 a stellar entity in the world of on demand tech support achieved another milestone in its illustrious journey by becoming a certified AVG Gold reseller. The World’s fourth largest and most trusted antivirus brand working towards not only pre-empting but combating a horde of web threats like Viruses, Bugs, Trojans, cyber-scams and hackers.  

PCCare247 Authorized AVG Gold Reseller
With AVG Technologies working  to offer a comprehensive range of security solutions, from standalone anti-virus, anti-spyware to all-in-one internet security suites to network solutions for Windows operating systems. In fact, it would be only right to say Clients have on their hand security solutions which are not only easy to install and support but are at the same instance extremely user-friendly.

Speaking on the development, a senior official from PCCare247 said, “Partnering with AVG and becoming a certified Gold reseller for the firm enables us to offer our clients an award-winning family of security software solutions. AVG has a portfolio of products which are not only easy to sell, install and support, but also at the same time are user-friendly, providing clients with Internet security protection they can always trust, without really ever sacrificing system performance.”

All the more to go ahead and further contribute to the same endeavor, PCCare247 works to offers a slew of AVG centric web and online security solutions to a huge clientele scattered all across the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. The entity works to deliver a range of security solutions to clients not only in the shortest time span possible but that too all at a moment’s notice. Working towards not only keeping all threats at bay but also rather ensuring a PC remains in the pink of health at all times no matter what.     

About PCCare247: PCCare247 is a global on-demand services company working to provide personalized computer support for consumers and small businesses across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. With a proven global expertise delivery model and intelligent customer insight systems, easy-to-use self-help tools, automated PC optimization and computer support services, PCCare247 works very hard to keep all its clients and small businesses protected and productive 24x7.

For further information please log on to http://www.pccare247.com/antivirus-support/avg-support.html

Or alternatively, get in touch with the company at:

Office No. 3, 6th Floor,
DLF Cybercity, Building No. 14B
Phone: +91-124-4655200
Fax: +91-124-4655299

600 Mamaroneck Avenue
Suite 400 PMB # 400-18, Harrison
NY 10528
Phone: +1-888-291-2867
Fax: +1-516-908-4908
E-mail: contact@pccare247.com

Friday, 17 August 2012

PCCare247 Becomes Authorized Reseller of World’s Top Five Antivirus Programs

New York, United State 17 August, 2012:- Adhering to its trajectory of salvaging computer users’ community by providing them complete security against any nominal to severe malware threats, PCCare247 has now signed accord with World’s five most premium Antivirus brands to come to lie as an Authorized Reseller of their Security Products. Ranked high on popularity indices around the world, these big five are Avast, Panda Security, Norton, Total Defense, and AVG.  Above that, patrons can now end-up availing hefty discounts of up to 25% on the purchase of Avast Security Products from PCCare247.

Besides reselling job, PCCare247 also renders complete online technical support for all of these brands to sort out concerns related to their installation, uninstallation, setup, configuration, along with troubleshooting entire portfolio of technical glitches accompanying them.

In the Annual Meeting of the company, one of the Directors of PCCare247 said “Reaching to the tally of reselling five premium Antivirus software is just a beginning, and in coming year 2013, we will be working towards taking this figure to double digits.” After seeing these developments it is well evident that expansion of PCCare247 is in full swing to cater its services to the larger fraction of computer users all over the world. All this is indeed a true sign of PCCare247’s increasing acceptability and popularity in the field of online and onsite technical support.

About PCCare247

PCCare247 is a Third-party Company, which provides online and onsite technical support for computers and its related peripherals. The journey of PCCare247 has started in the year 2009, and since then it has been working towards rescuing computer users battling with different predicaments of their computer systems. And today, PCCare247 renders its services to thousands of customers around the globe, and has all set to become the frontrunner among online technical support providers.

For further details you can log on to http://www.pccare247.com/

Or alternatively, get in touch with the company at:

Office No. 3, 6th Floor,
DLF Cyber City, Building No. 14B,
Gurgaon, Haryana - India
Phone: +91-124-4655200
Fax: +91-124-4655299

600 Mamaroneck Avenue
Suite 400 PMB # 400-18, Harrison
NY 10528
Ph. No. : +1-888-291-2867
Fax No. : +1-516-908-4908
E-Mail: contact@pccare247.com

Thursday, 16 August 2012

How To Manually Update AVG Free Edition?

Are you fretting over the fact that update of the AVG Free edition is becoming a tedious affair? Quit doing do so for in reality AVG comes with an included ability which allows PC users to either update their copy from a file or otherwise download necessary files which are posted by the avant-garde antivirus brand on its website. A process which is simple yet at the same instance essential for keeping your PC shielded from the most potent breed of malware residing on the net.

Steps to manually update your AVG free edition
  • Go on and open your web browser and navigate to AVG's Software Update page
  • In the Next page scroll halfway down the page and select ‘AVI’ (Take note: Any AVI software application will be followed by a sequence of numbers such as 270.15.105) à Once done, save the file to the Downloads folder
  •  Go ahead and open AVG à Select ‘Tools’ à Update from Directory and select your Downloads folder from the file select dialog à Next, select ‘OK’ 
  •  In the penultimate step select ‘Update Now’ and the program will not only find the downloaded AVI files but also update the virus definitions. Upon completion, the premier antivirus brand will further notify a PC user it has been successfully updated à Next, PC users can go on and opt for  a system scan with updated virus definitions  
If you want to get expert technician advice or help than avail 24x7 Antivirus Support @ +1-855-877-5848. Also, you can visit our official website here antivirus.pccare247.com

Thursday, 9 August 2012

How to Get Rid of Panda Internet Security?

Over the years, the Panda brand of Antivirus and Panda Internet Security as applications have managed to attract a huge clientele. However, in the recent times the scenario has changed somewhat because these days PC users have at their disposal a wide array of antivirus products and security suites. They are ready to ditch their regular brand for a more cost-effective yet a highly feature rich brand. So, not really coming as a surprise that they want to uninstall Panda security from their PC and opt for a more potent band of antivirus. But this is really where all the issues crop up because in real time uninstalling Panda security in lieu of another brand may prove to be a tough preposition. A case wherein it all the more makes sense if you were to be enlightened with all such steps which end up going into the uninstallation of Panda security.

Steps for getting rid of Panda Security

Method 1

Step 1: Go ahead and download the Panda Security Utility from Panda’s official site and save it on your desktop

Step 2: When the file gets downloaded go ahead and double-click on it.  (Please note: Windows Vista or 7 users need to right-click on the file and run it as administrator. This needs to be done to give the program the correct permission to move forward with the uninstallation)

Step 3: When the utility finishes downloading search the PC for the file C:\Windows\RAVTC.tmp. Once found go ahead and delete it.

Step 4: Access the Winsock utility by giving heed to the following directions:

Ø  Click on Start and access the Run utility
Ø  Type CMD and press Enter
Ø  On the Command Prompt Window type in the command ‘netsh winsock reset catalog’ and press Enter. Now type in Exit and further press Enter to come out of the Command Prompt

Step 5: Restart the Computer. For Restarting the PC would further get rid of the traces or files left on the PC in the case of an unsuccessful installation. To say the least, errors which work to impede the process of a carrying out a successful uninstallation in the first place.

Method 2
In this scenario all you need to do is either search for Panda antivirus in the Programs menu an uninstall it. If in that case it does not work, accessing the Control Panel and from their uninstalling the application via the Add/Remove utility.

For further technical assistance, visit PCCare247’s Antivirus Support services page. PCCare247 is a premier Online Technical Support Company providing Computer help round-the-clock to its clients globally. http://www.pccare247.com/antivirus-support/panda-antivirus-support.html or http://antivirus.pccare247.com/

Saturday, 4 August 2012

How to Run a Trend Micro Office Scan in Safe Mode?

A virus can end up having serious implications for your PC, ranging from minimal to quite severe. So, in case if your PC also ends up showing symptoms of a severe virus signature, the only way to remove it would be to run a scan in Safe Mode. Unfortunately, as Safe Mode boots up only necessary system processes, most virus scanners will not work in Safe Mode. But, one can easily end up working around the issue by just making some minor modifications. Essentially, to be taken care of by following steps such as: 

Trend Micro Support
Step 1: Rebooting the PC by going to Start à Shutdown à Restart.
Step 2: Repeatedly tapping the F8 key as soon as the first screen appears after reboot. Please take note once the boot options menu appears please Select Safe Mode and hit the Enter key.
Step 3: Log on with your ID in the Safe Mode.
Step 4: Click Start à ‘Run’ in XP and for Vista or Windows 7 Click Start à All Programs à Accessories à Run. This will open up the ‘Run’ dialog box.
Step 5: Type in ‘Cmd’ sans the quote and click ‘OK’. Once done, the command line will appear
Step 6: G ahead and type in ‘CD \\Program Files\\Trend Micro\\Office Scan Client\’ minus the quotes in the command line and hit the ‘Enter’ key. This would end up taking you to the Office Scan folder.
Step 7: Lastly type in ‘\vscanwin32.com /S C: /C /D\’ minus the quotes and hit the ‘Enter’ key. Once done, the Office Scan will then scan your hard drive of all the viruses. Now, take a breather for you have been able to successfully launch the Office Scan in Safe Mode.

Avail technical support for Trend Micro Antivirus from your device in no time. Call PCCare247.com support on toll free number 1-855-877-5848 for immediate assistance. http://www.pccare247.com/antivirus-support/trend-micro-support.html

Friday, 27 July 2012

How to Stop the Conficker Computer Virus?

The Conficker worm also christened as the April fool’s Day virus would be considered as the most potent and malicious brand of virus seeking to spread its tentacles on the World Wide Web. Already having infected nearly about 5 to 10 million computers, the deadly virus still seems to be showing no signs of slowing down. Working to delete not only all data from a computer but further using the same infected computers, known as zombie PCs, controlled by a master PC to overwhelm and shutdown websites. Generating a scenario wherein stopping the Conficker computer virus dead in its tracks truly ends up becoming a need of the hour.

Conficker Worm Removal
Working to Go on and stop Conficker right in its tracks

It is easy and all you need to do is just follow a few simple steps. Starting right from:

·         Enabling the firewall on PC

Turning it on Windows Vista
Click Start à Click Control Panel à Click Security à Click to Turn Windows Firewall on or off à
Select On à Click OK

Turning it on Windows XP
Click Start à Click Control Panel à Click Network and Internet Connections (If not visible, click on switch to Category View) à Click Change Firewall Settings

·         Download the Latest Computer Updates

Turning Automatic Updates On Windows Vista
Click Start à Click Control Panel à Click System and Maintenance àClick Windows Updatesà Select Install updates automatically

Turning Automatic Updates On Windows XP
Click Start à Click Systemà Click Automatic Updates àClick Windows Updatesà Select the setting as Automatic

·         Use up-to-date antivirus software
·         Use Strong Administrator Passwords
·         Use caution when accepting file transfer
·         Use caution when clicking on links to web sites
·         Use caution when opening emails
·         Avoid downloading pirated software
·         Enable the pop-up blocker
·         Disconnect from the network
·         Do not do a System Restore
·         Turn off your computer after every use 

To get online technical help and support from certified technicians for PC protection against virus, malware and adware, Call PCCare247 support on toll free number 1-855-877-5848. http://www.pccare247.com/pc-security/virus-removal/conficker-worm-removal.html

Friday, 20 July 2012

How To Stop Other Windows Opening with Spyware Software?

The most annoying thing about spyware is it can cause popups or multiple windows to open up even while you are browsing the web, or even when you are accessing files and folders on your PC. But then again to stop popups from opening up unabated you would need anything but a highly effective software application. Say for instance something on the lines of:

1.       Antimalware

Install an antimalware or an antivirus program on your PC.  Take an idea about the best and the most effective antimalware programs from the net. However, take note even though one antivirus program will do, installing multiple antimalware programs will do no harm. So, once having finalized the program just go ahead download it and say what install it.

2.       Browser

Select your browser judiciously. Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are quite high on safety features and block all such sites which contain high traces of malware and Spyware.

3.       Popup and Ad Blocker

A browser alone can’t warn you about sites. With new viruses being created every day installation of popup and ad blockers on a browser is quintessential. So, find add-ons to prevent popups and ads and quite frankly you would not be tempted at all to click on such ads and popups.

4.       WOT
Last but not the least; install the Web of Trust add-on in your browser. This add-on will come in handy toward warning you about all such sites which may be high on viruses or Spyware.

Well, considering all such steps in mind, you should be able to prevent windows and other unnecessary popups from opening on your PC and your web browser.

For further details you can log on to http://www.pccare247.com/pc-security/spyware-removal.html or  antivirus.pccare247.com alternatively, get in touch with the company at: +1-855-877-5848.